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here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that the americans call. i don't know. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sorry our school you know what that is my parents still. don't want to see terrorism the only liberal the current . bill is for the.
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hey what's up guys i'm having mine so yesterday i mentioned that the international action monitors from the un watchdog group organization for security and cooperation in europe will be sending forty four delegations to monitor polling disputes during the upcoming november elections while i mention the outcry by a number of service figures i wasn't expecting this texas attorney general greg abbott tweeted the following he said my message to you and related poll watchers don't mess with texas elections and he's dead serious abbott has made a clear warning that any such observers in texas may face arrest now oh as c.e.o. observers replied in a statement yesterday saying that the threat of criminal sanctions against observers is unacceptable and indeed it is unacceptable maybe if the voting rights record in texas wasn't one tainted with a long history of attempts to disenfranchise voters mr abbott wouldn't have a problem with these observers our government goes to great lengths to ensure free and fair elections in other countries so there's no reason why we shouldn't allow
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the rest of the world to watch ours but if we did i guess that might expose the millions that are disenfranchised the rigging the voting machines are flawed electoral college. and the entire sham that is the us electoral system and that's why i'm breaking the set. one year ago today a police state reared its ugly head in my city of oakland california less than a month after the occupy oakland encampments began the oakland p.d. aggressively rated them without warning brutalizing and arresting dozens of occupiers now as terrifying as it was the thing that gave me the most hope was seeing how the community reacted thousands of oakland residents peacefully march in the streets to protest the aggression from the oakland p.d.
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check this out. sorry that gentleman standing next to the soldier holding the veterans for peace is iraq war veteran scott olsen who was standing next to me and front of the police line moments later scott was critically injured after being shot at point blank range in the head with a tear gas canister now olson who served two tours in iraq as a u.s. marine protecting our so-called freedoms here in the u.s. suffered a fractured skull at the hands of the oakland police for simply trying to exercise the rights he fought to protect his case prompted an outpouring of sympathy from the community and galvanized thousands more toward the occupy movements cause so for putting your body on the line against an oppressive police force representing a two tiered justice system and a system based on any quality scott olsen you're both a bad ass and our hero of the day so he's the hero who's the villain this is
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a good one folks thanks to some newly released footage we can clearly call out this guy right here hat moran if this name sounds familiar it's because good old patton rand is the son of democratic virginia congressman jim moran and he's also the field director of the arlington office for his father's campaign just a few weeks ago our friend pat i'm self in a teensy bit of a bind when he let his guard down to a man who turned out to be an undercover reporter reporter approach moran on. as way out of a restaurant and confided in him how he's incredibly nervous about the upcoming election but he fears the idea of romney winning reporter then tells him it is a list of one hundred registered voters who just haven't voted in a long time and so that he'd like to go vote in their place under their names and this is how the congressman son reacted. that it was that you and that's. when you and.
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he would say that the deals with these up with. the with the. great idea pat just forged those utility bills right. he actually proceeded to troubleshoot with the reporter about what documents could and couldn't be forged and he was asked on how to do that moran entertain the idea of finding some technically savvy person or just using microsoft word check out. this microphone or. something. but i think the most classic part of the story is the fact that just this week rep jim moran asked the department of justice to probe voter fraud allegations in the state of virginia. guess he should have investigated his son first folks this is it this is so
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disturbing on so many levels and it's an acute depiction of how distressed our electoral system really is because you and i are going up against people like pat moran people who encourage illegal methods that only serve to move us further away from the legalities that define it the democratic system and that is why pat moran is our villain of the day. ever wonder what happens to confiscated items at the airport security checkpoints well it seems that the transportation security administration or t.s.a. is once again under the spotlight but of course there are no strangers to media scrutiny you see the agency recently fired four hundred of their employees stealing from passengers we're learning about this they radically at the same time as a foil request to shine a light on the top airports where employed theft is most pervasive here's a map as you can see miami national international airport is number one on the list
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something to keep in mind as the holidays draw near and talk more about this and the t.s.a. is ever expanding image problem during our t.v. producer and well it awful oh hey so i want to go just through a few of these stats i mean newark liberty international airport forty four t.s.a. employees face disciplinary action florida airport thirty eight suspended five fired charlotte douglas airport twenty three employees were disciplined honolulu thirty six fired i mean are these just a few bad apples or is there some sort of systematic trend going on here of the incompetency and kind of illegalities going on with t.s.a. employees a good question to start with i think that when you're dealing with and you tell us it was fifty thousand plus t.s.a. agents it's kind of hard to keep track of everybody if this is anything the amount of people that have been. suspended or fired shows how the crackdown of t.s.a. against its own employees that are violating policies is very effective the problem
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is that we're missing the point the point is that you know there is widespread abuse of power widespread negligence of when it comes to the actual screening process lots of weapons explosives explosives and other things do get past the screeners and you know what we're missing is that there needs to be a system that's more efficient than the one that we have right i mean just yeah the firing i guess you could say is good that they're actually letting these people go but i mean at the same time we saw from john corbett the blogger going to expose the scanners as being a faulty and totally meaningless. we saw that he had interviewed interviewed multiple t.s.a. employees he said that they aren't trained properly that they are told you know don't worry about it don't even read the manuals on how to operate these machines or proper protocol to go through i mean so when there's such a failure at the top down level of this bureaucratic agency really i mean what is going on here sure and i mean to the credit of a lot of elected officials are lawmakers that are criticizing the t.s.a. you know you've got people on the democrat side in the republican side saying that
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they're over funded they're overstaffed but the solutions that they provide are really very reasonable we've got democrats saying you know we need more oversight would it what would that create would that essentially create a whole other agency to regulate the t.s.a. seems like it with an eight point one billion dollar annual budget for the usa i mean we're spending twice as much. on t.s.a. than we're spending on renewable energy for example and then you have republicans would you know say well let's go back to privatizing which isn't necessarily the best idea either because i mean essentially you're doing away with regulation but also you're just going back and you know having to do it would end up costing more money to do that so i think the basic solution would just be to make the system more efficient or just to scale it back to what it was free nine eleven levels i mean as we've seen every single like thwarted terrorist plot i mean for example the liquid terror explosive plot they hyped up in the media it's the new nine eleven blah blah blah blah blah but lieutenant you know what i wanted to say that i mean it came out later that this whole scenario was actually
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a fictional account creating liquid explosives highly dangerous and sophisticated task i mean british authorities came out and said that this simply couldn't have happened the way that media presented it but of course what do they do now we're dehumanised we can't bring liquids on an airplane now they're checking literally or past an airplane i mean third whenever we're talking about these practices these almost counter to the practices that the t.s.a. puts in place ok so there was a bomb on a shoe once and we have to take our shoes off the liquid explosives found so now we can't. take more than what one hundred milliliters and in a little ziploc bag there was the underwear bomber and i guess you know where i'm going with the underwear bomber and these and these machines they don't actually make us any safer seventy percent failure rate by the t.s.a. let's talk about the success rate how many terrorists have these zero why because all these terrorist plots are thwarted or always stored by intelligence efforts that are you know you know about this beforehand and they're able to capture the terrorist afterwards so i mean i hate flying personally i don't like to fly but the
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t.s.a. doesn't bother me i don't mind having to go through it what bothers me is that we're spending eight point one billion dollars of taxpayer money that we could be using somewhere else that's being used in official with the t.s.a. is total incompetency and also it doesn't like you just said the failure is all these people pass through with weapons knives all these things and also just ramping up that the fear of terrorism every time i'm at an airport i'm just reminded everyone is reminded with these dehumanizing conditioning aspects of going through the security process it makes flying miserable and makes you feel like you're always threatened with terrorism and that's just what they want they want you to have that threat lingering over your head just to be like you better you know lines of privilege it's not a right and that's agenda paltalk it well i mean if we can get back to you showed a map earlier about all these this is from a foil request that shows the ten cities that have the highest incidence of employee theft and this is something that i mean if anything that you should be taking away from this is the holidays are coming up and if you are worried about
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anything valuable that you're carrying with you you should probably just ship it and insure it because you're more likely to actually show up where you're going than going through the history of the to say a guy stole a laptop and that someone tracked it back to his house and he had it there and they caught on that thank you so much for coming on talking about to say two other studies practices across the country and we can talk about that later than you ever . feel like you see so far go to our you tube channel on youtube dot com slash break in the set and subscribe check out our facebook page at facebook dot com breaking the set. and if you're wondering when i'm doing when i'm not on air follow me on twitter abby martin stay tuned to hear about how humanity can be reorganized into a model of the stain ability that the creator of the psychos trilogy next issue is that so much of and there's a huge music issue on the market revolutionary dictator in the making of president mohamed morsi its presidential decree spreading in wide powers as we open the debate about. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report. on
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my. use of the some of the specifics of. what is politics want to blame for the institutional corruption the endless wars in the burgeoning homelessness what if rather these are all. just symptoms born out of an outdated social structure that's the revolutionary idea behind the explosives
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documentary trilogy since the first movies released in two thousand and seven these documentaries have been translated into forty different languages and been seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world but the ideas brought forth by the documentaries quickly transcended film and spawn the movement a global sustainability advocacy organization that's revolutionizing the way people think and act and now the filmmaker will be reenergizing the movement with yet another series titled inner reflections here to talk about the culture in decline this movement and where there may be a glimmer of hope and dream of the filmmaker himself peter joseph peter thanks so much for coming on and it's my pleasure abbi thank you for having me first of all i just wanted to say that i think that these movies should be essential viewing for everyone on the planet because you really present these concepts that are months not so much new revolutionary as they are just glaringly obvious truths in the way that you articulate and peter but i want to get into how you got all started i mean
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as someone who had worked in wall street in advertising when you step back and analyze your own role in society and decide to radically change course. great question it was a it was a slow evolution really like many people brought up in this culture you end up with a self-interest driven mechanism i came from a middle class family we had no real wealth and i came into the world i went to school i dropped out due to debt problems of course like many do today in the educational college career problem that we had which most college debt is the peak of bankruptcy coupled with medical debts in the aggregate and i began to realize that there's something going on with the system i moved to and did stuff with wall street and advertising again trying to keep myself preservation going and finally it dawned on me when i made this catharsis film in two thousand and seven called ghost but just called so i just excuse me which became the movie it was a frustration piece that i made when i just exploded in my mind almost to the extent i don't even know. where it came from to be perfectly frank with you it was a big catharsis that i did which i threw up on line it became viral because i think
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people identified with the same issues and themes and then that triggered basically where i am today and i continue to move forward with representative media that is both entertaining and and value shifting and the quality that it pursues but also extremely educational and ultimately activist oriented and that's the whole purpose of my existence at this point thanks for explaining let's get right into this that the elections coming up in less than two weeks let's talk about the two party system which you explore a little bit in a recent video they made called what democracy what purpose does the system serve to control the population and do you advocate people to completely remove themselves and the like twelve process or do you see some merit in supporting third party candidates in local politics. i think we have to deal with what we have at the moment you know people should be supporting referendums because that's a form of direct direct democracy but the aristocracy again that's emerged which is an outgrowth of basically the economic system which in inherently generates
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hierarchy this is completely misunderstood we think that we're in a different paradigm today than we were during the age of kings and queens but we're really not except the kings and queens are behind the scenes and they operate within the business industrial enterprise which is of course the driving mechanism of all values and institutions we have so the figureheads you know the elections the presidents the congress they serve as tools for lack of better expression to perpetuate the real driver of our economic system which is the monetary market economy itself and those are values that are there confused people and they think that when they go into a voting booth and elect somebody that they're going to actually change something but if you look at the historical record which unfortunately many have not especially since the beginning of america very little changes occurred really when it comes to the election of any single individual or the conglomerate actions of the congress or whatever parliament institution what have you in this just to go element is lost and fortunately i'm not this isn't the. jackson to say that oh it's just to be cynical say it doesn't matter if you vote this is proven right so the
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effect of these elections is not given the correct gravity because it's very small i'd say maybe ten percent is how effective the election of a new president really may be yeah exactly i mean and it also serves to disempower and disillusion people into thinking that they do have a choice and of course every four years nothing changes there really is stifling humanity and that's when people look at the current trajectory of the world it's obvious that we're pretty much on a crass crash course based on a model of unsustainable growth peter i mean when people look at global capitalism some argue that you know it's not a free and fair market if cronyism were removed from the equation capitalism would work but i mean is that to tear just in that we're seeing today the plutocratic governance an endless war for resources and inevitability of the capitalist model unfortunately i would have to declare that it is and i know it's a heated subject that people love to argue with me of it analysts debate on people that say the state is the problem or regulation and that the market should just be
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free to do whatever it wants and i argue back that the market is as free as it ever was in fact it's more free i would say there are at least in the past for restrictions on the market economy and how it could influence the aristocracies of decision to basically rule everything through war and again the things that nothing has changed in this regard you go back to feudalism and you have the same tendency but the idea that there is something that can be regulated on a system that's inherently corrupt in my view a system that clearly says that you can get money have the freedom of money to do whatever you want with it hence the supreme court decision that says that money spending money for political campaigns is actually equated to free speech now this this delusion that we've come up with the say that we can spend money for whatever purpose possible and influence anything is at the core of the vast corruption we see it's you can go back to marx you can go back to thorstein veblen you can go back to all sorts of thinkers and early twentieth century. that despite their criticisms they were on to something with this and it's unfortunate how fast people
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are to shut down this idea so you know my friend lee camp as a famous joke we applaud politicians now that come and tell us that they're not going to give us health insurance in america for universal health care in america why because this delusion of socialism has come forward so any type of communal attribute which isn't related to money in the freedom of money now is being misconstrued as something that will lead to tyranny or oppression and we have a high and sees in all these economic philosophers that have compounded this notion and that's one of the core religious ritual if you will rituals if you will of the political establishment to reinforce this idea that freedom and democracy is equated to money and this is justified the mass majority of wars it's justified the general disregard for the growing homeless and poverty population america and across the world it's also brainwash people to to basically disregard humanity on the global scale to say we have one to three billion people either starving to
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death or in absolute abject poverty and we don't care about them because our psychology now is so perverted that we can just dismiss them as some anomaly in this social darwinistic view that we've concocted for ourselves which unfortunately goes back to adam smith yeah absolutely it does seem like we are indoctrinated with this line of thinking anything alternative that peter is bad as we learned through it pretty much every institution that i've experienced growing up in this country i'm sure around the world why is it that people and here are so strongly to these archaic political and religious institutions in light of the twenty first century advancement technology the vast knowledge available to expand humanity's collective consciousness it seems like we constantly regress back to what we're comfortable with even though they've been proven historically to have monumental failures yes i call it a move from superstition to science we've if you look at the social structure really big. back so far and it disk loued so many modern advancements that people's
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traditional values are so caught up in the voting process and the delegation of authority in these general subservience patterns of the peasants if you will which is what the majority of humanity unfortunately is they accept it because it's what they have always known and what they seen have seen and naturally people fear change it's no psychological but anomaly for that but i think the big issue here is education people need to understand what's possible they understand the root causes of what a lot of all the problems out there they don't understand really the prosperity driven effects that come from science technology not just from the gadgets and everything but if we actually applied these basic near imperial principles to social governance we would end up with a completely new social order or you can call it a natural law resource based economy basically taking this construct of what are works like an airplane that flies we build society like an airplane as an engineer type of concept and there's really no other way we live in an arche system that's
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the best way to describe it we we live in a system where each individual is given this bizarre power to make their own decisions and the assumption that in concert all the whole of society is going to work out for itself provably false that's why you have one percent of the population owning forty percent of the planet's wealth because the value system disorder the psychology generated by the system completely disallow any type of balance to occur in a structural sense so sustainability and public health these issues are thrown out the window in this model not only because of the values you don't know in people's fear but because the very system itself keeps compounding the same old archaic values and fears over and over and over again and that is the central problem was i spoon does everything i can an educational sense why i make the films i do in the media that i do to really try to drill this home and also the hope to inspire others out there to begin the same drive and i could actually talk about. larger project that the movement's working on if you'd like to hear of. it and one second
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i just wanted to say one word they have does seem like it's the fear that really drives us to not i guess these archaic institutions that you know keep us stifled the fear of control of our own lives i guess i mean when we really do have so much power peter but let's talk about the movement and you really advocate action really it's a revolution of the mind of ideas how do we stop this global empire from crushing us and the planet which is pretty much the course that we're currently on what is this movement advocating and how can people get involved yes i agree with you it's a revolution of values that's the real revolution as far as what people can do the moment attempts to take the lowest grassroots level possible and we want to get important information very technically viable not speculative out for people to digest with other programs that we do apart from our event days we have numerous event days for awareness in march we'll have ours i stay event the global event will be in los angeles this year but we have about four hundred sympathetic events
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all over the world across usually about seventy countries on average every time we do this will be the fourth year of it but all of those kind of intellectual exercise aside there's another project that we're doing called the global redesign institute this is a very important idea and what it is it's a macro industrial approach to show the world what's possible technically and in effect alleviate all of the confusions they have about what a desire and planned system could be and the type of freedom that really could emerge as opposed to the propaganda of the stablish myth that says that that will lead to tyranny and such the benefit of such is so vast for example in this project will take different regions we're going to show the technical layout of how we can say for example in los angeles have vertical farms of hydroponics a narrow politics run through desalinization process seize and nutrients traction processes from the ocean so we would be able to feed organic food to everyone satisfy the entire population of the city of lost. angeles through these methods through automated systems and this technology exists it's been it's been largely
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dismissed as utopian as that word loves to fly around when you start to talk about taking care of everybody but this stuff this stuff is there and what we're going to do is we're going to map out the entire world through time through the chapters of the movement to show how every region can be updated in this macro industrial way to actually resolve the core major problems of poverty of general to some balance resource scarcity and bring these technological fruits to light i'll stop there because it can go in much larger complex associations as we build this model it will be a virtual online model that will be viewable and we're going to have conferences in partnership with all of our other events that we do annually to show each region what's possible and i really believe once this possibility comes forward rather than everybody complaining and being disillusioned by the political establishment economic establishment they're going to say this works for a community organizer who shared the ag zach may be part of the solutions he's part of a community of ideas peter instead of the naysayers and saying what isn't possible
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we really need to step it up and i really appreciate you explore and humanity's capabilities and capacity for change in a good alternative sustainable way here joseph is moving everyone check out i am for you need to see these films thank you so much for coming on thank you have a appreciate it. many people are conditioned to not bring up politics and religion so they're confined to their own rigid perspective that by biased media outlets we must begin to challenge this dogma if we ever want to progress our society and evolve the collective human consciousness. which is that so much as you put it on the market revolutionary dictator in the making of president mohamed morsi a presidential decree. powers has reopened the debate about. you know sometimes you
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see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know. welcome to the big picture. is easy to be easy. to. be a little. ball are all.


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